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If you’re looking for reliable information on how to deal with an IRS Wage Garnishment you’re exactly where you need to be.

Unfortunately, IRS problems rarely go away on their own, so, your first step in tackling your problem is to educate yourself on what your specific rights are regarding your paycheck.

Darrin T. Mish, the IRS Solution Attorney writes a lot about IRS Wage Garnishment issues, how to avoid a wage levy in the first place, knowing what to do first when hit by one, and lots of specific tips about dealing with IRS Wage Garnishment problems.

This section of the site is where you will find all Darrin’s posts that relate to IRS Wage Levies. If you have a question regarding a wage levy, lien, or another IRS problem please feel free to Phone Darrin’s Tampa office at 888-438-6474, to set up a time to chat with him about your situation.

Seven Secrets The IRS Does Not Want You To Know

After working with taxpayers with IRS problems for so many years as a tax attorney (since 1999), I've come to realize that there are quite a few "IRS Secrets" that I've learned over the years that set us apart from other IRS Help resolution firms (not to mention regular taxpayers), that is responsible for our...Read more »

IRS Resources – Break Glass in Case of Emergency

Some people believe Internal Revenue Service, IRS, makes tax laws. But it is tasked with overseeing taxpayer compliance with applicable laws enacted by Congress. This includes working with the compliant majority of taxpayers and those unwilling to comply. Understand that these IRS Resources may not always be in your favor but can guide you in...Read more »

IRS Wage Garnishment Help – Facts You Need to Know

What do you do when you need IRS Wage Garnishment help because of your IRS Back Taxes? Do you need answers on how to stop IRS Wage Garnishment proceedings? An IRS wage garnishment is also called a wage levy. A wage levy is different than a bank levy in that it's continuous. When you get that notice, the first...Read more »

Breakdown of IRS Tax Payment Options

DARRIN T. MISH: Good morning, and welcome to the IRS Solution Attorney Show. I am the one and only, IRS Solution Attorney, Darrin T. Mish. KATRINA MADEWELL: I'm your cohost, Katrina Madewell. Hanging out and making the show fun and breaking up the sometimes boring topics. DARRIN T. MISH: Today's show is going to be fascinating. It's...Read more »

5 IRS Questions That Darrin Gets Asked Most as a Tax Attorney

DARRIN T. MISH:  Welcome to the IRS Solution Attorney show. I am the IRS Solution Attorney Darrin T. Mish. KATRINA MADEWELL:  I'm your co-host, Katrina Madewell, thank you for joining us this morning. DARRIN T. MISH:  How are you doing today, Katrina? KATRINA MADEWELL:  Doing great and the weather feels fine, even though it's cloudy. DARRIN T. MISH:  I...Read more »

History of Income Tax in the United States

DARRIN T. MISH:  Good morning and welcome to the IRS Solution Attorney show. I am THE IRS Solution Attorney Darrin T. Mish. KATRINA MADEWELL:  And I'm your co-host, Katrina Madewell. Thank you for joining us here for the IRS Solution Attorney show. DARRIN T. MISH:  How are you doing Katrina? KATRINA MADEWELL:  Doing great. Still have that raspy...Read more »

Income Tax Trouble – What’s Your Next Move?

One thing that you need to know is that if you are in IRS trouble, it's not going to disappear on it's own. Click here to read or watch more IRS Problem resources. It's a sad fact of life, I know. But it's true nonetheless. You will need to take action in order to remedy any IRS trouble that you...Read more »

What Not to Say To The IRS If You Owe Them Money

KATRINA MADEWELL:  And that's our Darrin Mish. DARRIN T. MISH:  Welcome to the IRS Solution Attorney show I am THE IRS Solution Attorney Darrin T. Mish, thanks to Pat George for that killer intro.  It's because I have a very special announcement if you are a long time listener to the show you've probably heard or...Read more »