Installment Agreements

Tampa Installment Agreements Attorney

Pay Back Taxes Within An Extended Timeframe in Florida

When facing the IRS, the sooner the situation is addressed, the better. Owing back taxes is a heavy burden to bear, so it’s best to seek the counsel of an experienced Tampa tax relief lawyer who has handled cases like yours and has been successful. The situation may be difficult, but you have options. Our skilled tax attorney, Darrin T. Mish can help identify a suitable tax relief plan that works for both parties. We have been in the same place you find yourself in right now, so we are confident that a solution can be reached.

Are you facing problems with the IRS in Tampa, Florida? An installment agreement may be the answer. Call us at (813) 229-7100 or contact us online for a free phone consultation with an installment agreement attorney in Tampa, at the Law Offices of Darrin T. Mish, P.A.

What is an Installment Agreement?

An installment agreement allows you to repay the money you owe to the IRS in installments. An installment agreement, comes with interest and penalties that can reach up to 10%, however, if you qualify for a short-term payment plan, you will not be liable for a fee.

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The Four Types of Installment Agreements in Tampa

At Law Offices of Darrin T. Mish, our IRS installment agreement lawyer in Tampa can help our clients with the 4 types of agreements:
  • Guaranteed Installment Agreement:
    You owe less than $50,000 and have never been in an Installment Agreement before, and the amount owed will be paid off within 3 years
  • Streamlined Installment Agreement:
    Similar to the Guaranteed Installment Agreement, but the amount owed must be paid within 72 months
  • Partial Payment Installment Agreement:
    An agreement for partial payment of the amount owed
  • Non-Streamlined Installment Agreement:
    The taxpayer owes more than $50,000 so must propose a repayment plant with the IRS

What Happens if You Request a Payment Plan?

When you request a payment plan or installment agreement with the IRS, this will typically stop the IRS from levying your property. It may also suspend the time the IRS has to collect from your while the installment agreement in pending. Even if your request is rejected, collection will be suspended for at least 30 days.

If your request is rejected or even terminated, you have the right to appeal the decision. Even through this, the collection period will continue to be suspended until the final decision is reached after the appeal.

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