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Welcome to my IRS Help blog! Here you’ll find advice on the most common tax issues, tax news, and tax questions. Whether you’re struggling with a filing, need IRS tax debt help, or just want to keep up on new laws and changes in the code, my tax attorney staff and I do our best to keep fresh content posted for you.

Filing Advice

Everyone needs help with their return at one point or another. As your family grows and accrues assets, your tax paperwork expands dramatically. Our blog articles feature professional advice on how to file your return, file for an extension, and find IRS programs designed to help reduce or repay what you owe.

Take Advantage of Credits and Changes

Nearly every year, Congress overhauls the tax code. It can feel like a hassle, but new tax incentives are constantly being introduced at the federal and state level that can potentially save you thousands. Don’t give the government a dime more than you have to! Let the IRS help you for a change by keeping up on the ever-changing laws and credits.

Falling Behind on your Bill

Do you need IRS debt help? The IRS is stretched thin around tax time, so they’re often happy to negotiate your tax debt. Remember, the sooner you act, the better. It’s also important to choose a tax advocate that’s right for you. Getting the best advice results in the biggest savings. Review our blogs on IRS debt and tax advocacy to get the most bang for your buck.

Even if you’ve just missed the deadline for an extension, it’s important that the IRS hears from you as soon as possible. If you don’t know how or when to file an extension, you can get the IRS help you need here.

Dealing with Audits

An IRS audit is a huge hassle for your home or business. You’ll need to get all of your assets together and show clearly how the funds are flowing. If you miss out on a few easy steps, you could be stuck hiring a lawyer and fighting in court, costing you thousands.

The best medicine for audits is prevention. The IRS wants to make sure you’re paying all of your taxes and that you’re obtaining your funds legally. Take a gander at our advice blogs and stay clear of trouble with the tax man.

Fraud and Scams

Every year, a new email, virus, or cold call scam makes the rounds on the news. It’s important to know the warning signs of the tax scams that too many have fallen victim to. Take a look at our helpful posts on tax schemes and scams.

Seven Secrets The IRS Does Not Want You To Know

After working with taxpayers with IRS problems for so many years as a tax attorney (since 1999), I've come to realize that there are quite a few "IRS Secrets" that I've learned over the years that set us apart from other IRS Help resolution firms (not to mention regular taxpayers), that is responsible for our...Read more »

IRS Tax Forms Explained

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Bankruptcy Tax Debt – Is it Possible?

The fact that you're looking for Bankruptcy Tax Debt Answers tells me you're not buying into the myth that your tax liabilities can't be discharged by filing for bankruptcy. That's a good thing. It's something I hear repeated by my clients all the time when they meet with me the first time. It's been a problem gated by the IRS...Read more »

IRS Offer in Compromise Tips – What You Need to Know

If you're facing a bank levy, unfiled taxes, or wage garnishment an  Offer in Compromise may be the answer you're looking for to solve your IRS problem. But first what is an Offer in Compromise? There are three types of Offer in Compromise. Keep reading to learn what they are. Offer in Compromise Based Upon Doubt on Collectibility In this...Read more »

IRS Resources – Break Glass in Case of Emergency

Some people believe Internal Revenue Service, IRS, makes tax laws. But it is tasked with overseeing taxpayer compliance with applicable laws enacted by Congress. This includes working with the compliant majority of taxpayers and those unwilling to comply. Understand that these IRS Resources may not always be in your favor but can guide you in...Read more »

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Did Not File For A Tax Extension? What Should You Do?

Today, April 18th is the final day that you can file your taxes for the 2015 year. Unfortunately, many of you are looking down at your W-2, or 1099 wondering where the time went.  Click here to watch or read more information on IRS Back Taxes.  So what happens if you file later than the...Read more »

Trump Tax Plan – A Tax Attorney Fact Check Report

President Trump and Your Taxes – What to Expect We are about to have a new President here in the United States. That much we know. But a lot of people are wondering how the Trump Tax Plan will affect their taxes.  Click here to read or watch more IRS Help resources. Click here for even more tax relief...Read more »