Tampa Tax Attorney Darrin T. Mish says “You May Be Able To End Your IRS Tax Debt”

I’ve taught dozens of tax attorneys, CPAs and Enrolled Agents how to help their clients with tax problems. And I’m willing to talk to you about your problems with the IRS and how I might be able to help. Maybe together we can put an end to this chapter in your life and get you back on the road to where you want to go. I love a good challenge!

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Don’t sit and wait for your IRS problems to go away; take your first step right now. Just call: (888) 438-6474 to meet with me for free, and I’ll show you how you can reclaim your life and put an end to the vicious cycle of IRS debt.

IRS Problems Rarely Go Away On Their Own

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The IRS Solution Attorney Radio Shows

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Tampa IRS attorney Darrin Mish have been ranked by the prestigious attorney and lawyer rating service, AVVO Lawyer Ratings, as a 10. Darrin has received numerous attorney and lawyer peer endorsements as well as the highest client ratings for his handling of tax problem cases.

Your Tampa Tax Attorney – Darrin Mish

Do you need to help dealing with the IRS? Are you unsure of where to find answers for your tax questions? Having a hard time finding a Tampa tax attorney you can trust?

Is It Possible to Settle for Less with the IRS?

Darrin is a Tampa Tax Attorney who is eager to share his knowledge to help you find reasonable solutions to even the toughest tax problems. Darrin’s expertise and results has earned him an AVVO Lawyer rating of 10.0. He has a proven track record and will deal with the IRS so you don’t have to.

How Can Darrin Help You?

As a licensed Tampa tax attorney, Darrin Mish is intimately knowledgeable with the Florida tax codes and familiar with the aggressive IRS tactics. He and his staff will work to stop those harassing phones calls and menacing collection practices. Threats of asset seizure, levying of bank accounts, and wage garnishments can become a thing of the past if you avail yourself to the skills and resources of Darrin Mish.

What to Do If You Get an IRS Wage Levy Garnishment

If you are behind on your taxes or have need results for some complicated tax problems, contact Darrin Mish for a no obligation consultation. The complexity of the tax codes can be puzzling to many people. Plus, the combative methods and unrelenting pursuit by the IRS can compound the frustration. Why not get help from experts that can provide you relief?

Darrin and his staff have an intricate knowledge of the ever-evolving tax laws and will assist you to ensure your tax returns are accurate, filed on time, and paid on time. Whether you struggling in the are of tax collection, are subject to an IRS Audit, or under suspicion for Tax Fraud, Darrin Mish will be by your side to get you your much needed tax relief.

What to Do If You Owe the IRS

Darrin and his staff will not only work to solve the immediate problem at hand but will also devise a strategy help you move forward eliminating all worries about any loose ends. After resolving your issues with the IRS, Mish’s office offers a program that will continually monitor your situation in order to warn you if another IRS problem arises. No other tax attorney offers this quality of personal service and care.

Darrin Mish promises to reduce or eliminate your tax bill with the law on your side. He handles your business the right way so that you’ll never have to fear any follow-up inquiries by the IRS or any residual penalties. With the top Tampa tax relief attorney on your side, your tax burden will be lifted in a manner that is fair, affordable, and expedient.

What to Do If the IRS Just Seized Your Bank Account

Rather than sitting down and wishing all your tax problems would go away, contact Darrin Mish. Darrin will put an end to the vicious cycle of IRS debt. Call today at 813-308-0330.

Ready to Talk to Darrin Yet?

IRS tax problems with the Internal Revenue Service never disappear by themselves. For things to change, you need to take that first step. Untold amounts of Tampa residents deal with tax problems, and they tend to worsen with each passing day. Interest and penalties accrue each day without pausing for holidays or weekends. If you don’t solve your IRS problems, then your tax issues could lead to less and less available money.

Wondering What to Expect When You Meet with Darrin and His Staff?
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At first, your IRS tax problems might seem like a minor burden. You’ll quickly learn over time that tax problems take over every aspect of your daily life. Such problems might even take a physical and emotional toll on your body. Lack of sleep, constant stressing, and feelings of desperation become heavier and heavier over time. No matter what you do, your IRS problems and tax due will never disappear into the wind without action.

In a cruel bit of irony, IRS tax penalties were originally designed as a slap on the wrist. They were meant to help taxpayers learn from their mistakes. Tax penalties eventually evolved into what they are today: a monstrosity. For some taxpayers, IRS tax penalties are so severe that it’s impossible to make progress on them. Even the help of an IRS tax attorney seems inadequate to the most desperate individuals.

Without assistance from a licensed Tampa tax attorney, collection efforts against you will become more and more aggressive. Few government agencies feature such aggressive collection practices today. That first notice may seem innocent and caring enough, but notices become progressively more menacing and threatening to collect on that tax due.


Everything my wife Heather and I do is for our children Ryan and Rachel. We get how painful an IRS problem can be for your family members and can’t wait to talk to you about what solutions you have available to you.

For better or worse, the Internal Revenue Service doesn’t care how you pay your tax bill. You’re given the option to make a payment in the beginning, but this particular agency won’t hesitate to take more drastic, involuntary measures to seize tax dues. This includes levying your accounts, garnishing wages, or seizing your assets. Pensions, retirement accounts, and social security checks aren’t safe from seizure for tax dues.

If these insane tactics are used to take your retirement savings, then you may never see that money again, and that’s unacceptable for the average taxpayer. A tax due shouldn’t ruin your livelihood and take away every last penny to your name. The average American is free from tax burdens owed to the IRS. Without a doubt, you should be in the same position, too. You owe it to yourself to acquire tax and IRS assistance.

Don’t sit around and allow your tax burden to build up. Make an effort to take the first step to recovering from this sticky situation. By calling (888) 438-6474 to meet with me, I’ll show you exactly how to reduce or eliminate your tax bill with the law on your side. I strive to help clients, including yourself, escape the vicious cycle of IRS tax debt.

I’m a skilled Tampa Tax Attorney. I will dedicate every waking moment to getting you the tax help you need to solve your tax problems.

I can’t wait to answer your call and help you fight your unfair tax situation!

Darrin T. Mish

Located in Tampa, FL; Licensed to practice in the states of Florida and Colorado; May represent taxpayers in all 50 states.

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