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These Are Just Some Of Our Testimonials!


Choosing an attorney when you are many miles away via the telephone and Internet is a very hard decision to make. I had never had to hire an attorney before and did not know what to expect or what questions I should even be asking of an attorney. Attorney Mish’s office was the first to contact me among the many inquires I had sent out (and I now know just how lucky I was to have had him contact me first!). Right from the start he and his staff made me feel very comfortable. I was dealt with respect and courtesy throughout the entire process, along with “attorney language” I could understand. Attorney Mish took the time to explain everything to me and what I could expect. He even had me ask questions before payment was expected. Now that is a first with any attorney I have ever heard of! Your fees were exactly what you told me they would be, not a penny more. Even though we were many miles apart, I was kept up-to-date on my case via the telephone and Emails. My case(s) turned out better than I had hoped for, and when I got the final word that it was over, words cannot express my joy and gratitude! I firmly believe that my cases turned out as they did due to the aggressiveness of Attorney Mish and his commitment to me. I truly thank you and your wonderful office staff for all you have done for me. I was very fortunate to have found a caring attorney such as yourself. 4/5/02


A few years ago we found ourselves faced with a very large IRS debt. We are not wealthy people, but we do believe in paying what we owe. Darrin Mish and his staff helped us resolve this matter and helped us resume a normal life. A friend recommended Darin Mish to us. From the first time I contacted him he was very helpful. He and his staff told us what they could do, what we needed to do and approximately how long it would take to resolve this matter. They asked for a very reasonable fee. They were very timely and efficient. They answered emails and phone calls and communicated with us often as to the progress of their work. Everyone was very knowledgeable and courteous to us and kept us well informed. Because of the excellent job The Law Offices of Darrin Mish did for us, we are in good stead with the IRS. We will be forever grateful to Mr. Misha and his staff for their help. We would not hesitate to recommend this firm to anyone needing help. A million thanks to you again. No date.


Thank you for all your hard work. It seems like my problems started about 10 years ago. Wrote a check one day for $400.00 and the business called and said it bounced. We called the bank right away & they said they were not able to tell me why, finally she said it was the I.R.S. froze my account. My corporate business account was okay. About a year later I opened another personal account & 3 months later the same thing happened. We received a letter from a tax solution company & signed up for their program & a year later more money was gone & nothing was solved. We heard about Darrin Mish from a friend & met with Darrin & things went uphill from there. I had the pleasure to work with Daniel Genet & Barry Wilson. Once things were moving along it seems like it took forever. After avoiding the I.R.S. for 20 years I wanted it settled in 30 days. With Barry working on the numbers & Daniel with the I.R.S., they turned a miserable experience into a great relief. The results were amazing, owing $188,000.00 with a settlement of $1500.00. If you need help you’re at the right place. Do it now. Thanks again.


To Darrin Mish and his officer personnel. It was truly great to have met you all and do business with you. You always had time to talk to me and your staff went out of their way to help or just make me feel good and important. Thanks again for everything.

-No name provided

We are very grateful for all the hard work you both put into this case. If we should ever need attorney services again you will be the First we call. Thanks so much!!


I found your services to meet my needs. You have a very sharp image and I would use your services again. I am sure you handled my case to the best of your ability. I would recommend you to a friend or anyone I ran across needing a private lawyer. Your receptionist/secretary was very helpful! Your price seemed reasonable for what you handled for me, and your payment plan was convenient. Thank you for handling my case. No date


Please be advised that I was very much satisfied with your services. Thanks to you my case has been satisfactorily resolved. Of particular importance to me was your total commitment to my case while I completely realize you have other clients. You have been always readily accessible and completely approachable, displaying the essence and the personal touch. You have earned my unqualified support and recommendation as a caring, extremely competent professional who has his clients welfare as his first priority


For past 10 years we have had this IRS cloud over us. You can’t move and get away, you can’t change jobs & get away. They are always there. For some time we had heard of getting help from companies that specialize in tax relief and other lawyers. In recent years we called a couple different lawyers. After talking to them we felt even worse and even more worried than ever about IRS. Then we received a letter from Darrin Mish. Something about the letter just seemed different. However we were concerned. Mish in Fla and we were in Texas. After I called to the Fla. office we felt 100% relief. You have saved our families lives. You saved our house and everything we own because they would have taken everything. I will recommend your company without hesitation to anybody. Thanks for everything.


I sincerely wish to thank you for your efforts involving my case. I am grateful that you were referred to me by the bonding company. You assured me from the beginning of what I could expect. I appreciate your professionalism. The outcome of my case was better than you anticipated. In my opinion, you are an excellent attorney and I was fortunate to have you in my corner.


I can only say that attorney Darrin Mish definitely provided the “WOW” experience for me and my situation. I procrastinated in hiring him and when time became critical for me he can through, where another well-known tax assistance company took my money and dropped the ball. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone and everyone. A million thank you’s to who I call “the miracle worker”.


Darrin and his staff were very friendly and helpful. They genuinely cared about me and my case, even though I’m sure to them it was a small case. They helped me cut through all the red tape with the IRS, that I would never have had the time, patience or know how to handle myself. I am very satisfied with the services I received at a price I could afford and would definitely use their services again and/or recommend them to family and friends.


Your services were excellent. You did everything you promised and at a reasonable fee. Heather is a credit to your firm and kept me informed throughout the whole process. You are a real credit to the legal profession! Thanks so much!


I’m very pleased with the services received from your agency. Very friendly receptionists/secretaries. I was explained in details my expectations from this case and I’m pleased to say my expectations were met. Overall I’m very pleased with your service. Thank you.


After anguishing for many years not knowing quite what to do with my situation with the IRS I took the advice of a friend and called you for help. Once I explained my situation and put myself into your hands I felt much better my problems could be resolved. Now after many weeks of gathering the information and analyzing my dilemma you have informed me my problems with my returns has been taken care of, and, hopefully, at no additional expense to me. I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate your attention to my situation and thank you for your expertise in this matter. 11/26/02

-John & Teri Ziegler

I am writing this letter to tell about the great service we received from Misti @ Darrin Mish. I had been battling the IRS for almost 15 years, had gone through 3 attorneys and spent thousands of dollars. In fact, my last “Tax Professional” had been working on this for 5 years. They took my case when my tax liability was $217,000, and after playing cat and mouse with the IRS, the last conversation with them was “we have ‘reduced’ your liability to $277,000, and this is as far as we can go…” I had gotten a postcard from Darrin Mish years before and always kept it…now so glad I did; we met with Misti, gave her my transcripts (which we had sent to us by previous attorney). She spent about 15 minutes looking them over and said “your statute of limitations runs out the end of this year (2011). This was around Feb. of 2011. She said she knew of things to ask for that would take time but not toll the statutes. We had our wages garnished in April, but it was nothing so severe that we could not continue our lives. Misti advised not to do anything; just to let the garnishment ride until Dec. 31, 2011, at which time she notified the IRS that the time was up, the garnishing was released & my transcripts show “0” liability, and we are back in good standing. The amount of garnishment was only a fraction of what these people were trying to take from us. Misti was most definitely a comfort the whole time; her knowledge and understanding of IRS procedures kept us both at peace.She was most professional at all times, as was everyone in this office. If you are reading this, please know you could not be in more capable hands. I will highly recommend this office to everyone I come across that needs help dealing with IRS. Best Wishes.


Darrin Mish has been absolutely great in handling our case. His personal touch & his genuine concern for our well-being have been very reassuring. I would & have highly recommend Darrin & his staff to anyone who has any type of I.R.S. problem or situation.


I was very impressed with the way Mr. Mish handled my case. He was very thorough and responsible throughout my case. Mr. Mish was always available if I needed to contact him and kept me informed throughout the completion of my case. I would certainly recommend his services and would definitely use him again.


Thank you for representing me and helping me protect my rights. I was very happy with the results of my case and especially happy with my decision to choose your firm and here’s why. First, you explained to me in terms that I could understand exactly my situation as it related to the law and my rights. Second, you listened and acted promptly to an immediate need by scheduling an emergency appearance with the Judge. And last but not least, you did what you said you would do – and more. Thank you for exceeding my expectations.


Mr. Mish, I would like to thank you for everything you did to alleviate the stress and uncertainty concerning my legal dilemma. Your understanding, experience and legal knowledge relating to my questions about my situation put me at east and gave me a strong trust in your ability to manage my case. Your staff was skilled, courteous and patient while answering or referring any subsequent questions I had. During the court proceeding, I was very impressed with the demeanor and professionalism exhibited by you and the expeditious and favorable outcome of my circumstance. I would not hesitate using your services or recommending your law firm to personal friends, family or anyone I know who would be in need of legal representation in your field of expertise. 3/25/02


I put you through a very difficult “due diligence” period before my wife and me agreed to have you represent us. You did everything you said you would do and more! I can honestly recommend to anyone who has to deal with the IRS that they should do so through your office. You deserve a show of support from our family. You knew your stuff, reacted in a timely way and did what you said you were going to do.


Thank you for your service. I have been in this area for most of my life and never hesitate to employ an expert. It’s ironic but some people try to cut corners only to cut their own throats. Whenever a legal matter comes up I will call you. A wise man who is no longer with us, told me once, “When the legal papers point at you call a lawyer not just any lawyer”. If there is anything I can do for you please don’t hesitate to ask.


If you’re like I was, having a conflict with the Internal Revenue Service and having this conflict become public record, you are probably receiving postcards from every tax relief organization in the country. Their tax relief messages sound good. However, their main interest, I believe and friends have experienced, is to take your money and “milk” the process to correct the situation. I contacted the law firm of Darrin T. Mish after trying for several years myself to correct a problem with the Internal Revenue Service. I really cannot remember why I chose this law firm to represent me, but realize now it was probably an Act of God. Darrin right from the beginning, explained how the entire process with his experience was going to work, and it did!! One of my problems was justly resolved within a two (2) week period after I hired Darrin T. Mish to represent me. Another issue with the Internal Revenue Service took some time to resolve, due to the government process to respond, not the aggressiveness of this law firm, Darrin and/or his staff kept me posted on the progress. In this particular process, the government pulled one of their “power punches” and tried to levy me personally. Darrin T. Mish’s law firm took control of the situation and nothing happened. By the way, I transferred to Georgia with my company during the middle of the second process. Darrin could have very easily directed me to hire a Georgia law firm. Instead, it seemed to me, they worked harder to find a solution to my problem. I can’t explain in writing how valuable this law firm is making a stressful experience with the Internal Revenue Service more in favor of your needs than the government’s. Darrin T. Mish and his staff, especially Sherri, know the tax laws. When Darrin was out for any reason, Sherri was well aware of where the process was and followed-up with all my requests. If you are looking for a Fair and Honest law firm that doesn’t over commit and under deliver, the Darrin T. Mish Law Firm should be your choice. They are real people!!!

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