A Message for Anyone Who Has IRS Back Taxes but Can’t Afford to Hire a Tampa Tax Attorney

“Don’t Waste Another Second of Your Time Struggling to Eliminate Your IRS Back Taxes…

… I Have Over 17 Years of Experience Successfully Fixing IRS Problems for Hundreds of People Just Like You and I Offer Financing!

IRS back taxes have solutions

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With My Help, You May Be Able to END your IRS Back Taxes Problem

  • 1) Have my staff, and I handle all communications between you and the IRS going forward.
  • 2) You may be able to settle your IRS back taxes for pennies on the dollar.
  • 3) Quit worrying about your paycheck and other assets from being seized.
  • 4) Finance the fees we charge to take care of the problem for you.

But, I Only Have Time in My Schedule for A Couple New Appointments a Week. So, You’ll Need to Contact Me Right Away.

From the Desk Of Darrin T. Mish, Tax Attorney
Date: Friday, 6:21 a.m.

One of the most powerful tools you will need in solving your tax problem is a supportive spouse. Thankfully my wife Heather was that and even more. She hates seeing other people suffer from IRS problems as much as I do. It’s a big reason why she still pitches in at our firm. She rocks at it too!

Imagine getting out from behind your IRS back taxes. That would be great, wouldn’t it? Of course, it would. Stupid question.

What about the possibility of settling your IRS problem for pennies on the dollar?

Sound impossible? It’s not.

I’ve been helping people just like you achieve these remarkable results for 17 years now…

…and now I’m offering to finance qualified individuals.

Simply put, I negotiate with the IRS on your situation. Working with them to settle your tax liabilities for as low as possible, sometimes for pennies on the dollar…

… And I can do it for YOU, too!

As A Seasoned Tax Attorney with Vast Experiencing Solving IRS Problems, I’m Uniquely Positioned to Help You Solve Your Problem. Plus, I Offer Financing If You Cannot Currently Afford to Hire Me.

Hello, my name is Darrin Mish, and I’m a Tax Lawyer who specializes in helping clients solve their IRS problems.

I first become interested in solving IRS problems years ago when I got behind on my IRS back taxes myself.

Make sure to check out my best selling books by visiting Amazon and searching my name, "Darrin T. Mish". I put a lot of work into them so I'm certain you will find them useful.

Make sure to check out my best-selling books by visiting Amazon and searching my name, “Darrin T. Mish”. I put a lot of work into them, so I’m certain you will find them useful.

The experience opened my eyes to how an IRS problem can hurt a family. So, I have been working tirelessly ever since to helping as many people as I can shed their IRS problems.

Now, after 17 years solving IRS problems, I’ve earned a good deal of appreciation for that help, including a stellar 10.0 ranking received from the prestigious AVVO Lawyer Ratings. Plus, I have authored several Amazon Bestselling books on IRS problems.

To Date, over 2500 Families and Individuals Have Benefited from My Ability to Solve Their IRS Problems

In the 17 years that I’ve been providing my tax attorney services to people like you, I have helped over 2500 families, and individuals ELIMINATE their IRS back taxes.

IRS back taxes - Darrin Mish Kids

Everything I do is for my family. Getting an IRS problem of my own was the last thing I wanted to saddle my son Ryan, and daughter Rachel with, but it happened anyways.

Would you like to see some proof of my results? Check out my Google reviews below.

Here’s How I Approach Solving an IRS Problem

I’ve examined IRS problems from every possible angle. As I searched for the most efficient and effective way to resolve them.

And what I’ve discovered through all my experience is that to be truly successful in putting an end to your IRS Problem — you need to understand ALL your rights regarding that problem. Then negotiate with the IRS based on those rights.

And that will be my method for helping you with YOUR problem!

Plus, I realized that not everyone that owes the IRS back taxes can currently afford my service, which is why we also now offer financing options.

Results You Can Count On, Backed By 17 Years of Experience Negotiating With the IRS

When you hire me, you’re not only getting an experienced tax attorney who can help overcome your problem…with approved credit; you’ll be able to pay for my services in monthly installments.

Does Hiring Me Make Financial Sense?

Worried that hiring an attorney for tax relief help will be more than you can currently afford? I think you’ll be surprised how affordable my rates are…heck, I even offer financing options.

While it’s true that I’m probably not the cheapest option, it’s important to remember that cheapest is not necessarily best. Even so, I think you’ll find my fees are surprisingly affordable — even if you’re strapped financially now.

Which means I’m more economical than the cost of ignoring your IRS problem altogether and then having to deal with even MORE problems — like wage garnishments, bank levies, or seized assets– further down the road!

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