Overall, the states impose three types of taxes along with federal taxes: Individual Income Taxes, Corporate Taxes, and Sales Taxes. However, our state of Florida offers more than just sunshine to its residents; we are exempt from individual income state taxes. But it doesn’t mean that a Florida Tax Attorney gets less work than attorneys in other states.

Our offices deal with an array of Corporate and Sales taxes issues along with Federal taxes problems. Unlike many of life’s difficulties, IRS problems simply don’t go away by themselves. The ugly truth is that they only become worse as time goes on.

florida tax lawyerIf you have kept good records and submitted an accurate return and yet receive an audit notice over the mail, don’t panic. Contact a Tax Lawyer. We will advise you on the options of either sending a check, or we may respond to the notice if you feel the audit is in error. Contacting us early is the best course of action.

A good Florida Tax Lawyer won’t let you procrastinate in providing evidence to the contrary of the audit notice. We know that the longer you delay the more interest charge accumulates on the amount in the audit notice.

Penalties accumulate, and interest accrues every single day your tax problems go unresolved, slowly but steadily eating away at your hard-earned dollars. An experienced Florida Tax Lawyer can prevent that government agencies quietly invade all aspects of your life, negatively affecting even your physical and emotional health through lost sleep and constant worry.

Don’t ignore your tax problems, let an expert Florida Tax Lawyer help you today

The longer you go without the assistance of a Florida Tax Lawyer, the more aggressive the collection attempts will become. That’s because the IRS doesn’t care how your debt is paid. They will do whatever it takes – bank levies, wage garnishment, even seizing your assets and even selling them at auctions – to get their money back.

As a Florida Tax Lawyer, Mr. Mish and his team can work with you until the problem is solved. After that, we can assist you to maintain your personal and business account debt free along with your peace of mind.

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