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Real Housewives of New Jersey Slapped With Tax Evasion

Once again, stars are in the limelight for tax evasion that dates back to at least a decade of not paying taxes. The two Real Housewives of New Jersey stars, Teresa and Joe Diudice have been slapped with a hefty tax lien to the tune of $551,563. Tax years, unpaid, span a nine-year period from...Read more »

An NFL Wide Receiver is in Trouble with the IRS

Plaxico Burress Once again, a celebrity is in the news for not having paid taxes. Plaxico Burress pleaded guilty for tax evasion and not paying taxes in 2013, and probably 2014 as well. He was a former NFL wide receiver. He did make an attempt to pay his taxes for 2013, and wired $47,900 to the IRS....Read more »

Lawyer Sentenced to 30 Years for Tax Evasion

Life is strange and seems to throw a curve at every opportunity. We often think of certain individuals, by their occupation, as having enough sense and character to do what’s right in the world. However, that’s not always the case. Often, when a person has superior knowledge, they can be tempted to use that knowledge in...Read more »

CPA Sentenced to Ten Years for Tax Evasion and Embezzlement

All crime needs to happen is the presence of temptation and an opportunity. Former Clovis, NM, certified public accountant Charles Fleming received sentencing for stealing $296,000 from the New Mexico Cattle Growers Foundation. During 2010 and 2011, Fleming was the Foundation’s treasurer. Twenty checks were deposited during that time into Fleming’s own bank account. It wasn’t until...Read more »

How To Avoid Some Of The Traps Associated With IRS Problems

Episode Transcription DARRIN T. MISH: Hello hello, hello, this is your IRS solutions attorney, Darrin T. Mish.  I'm joined today with my cohost, Katrina Madewell.  Click here to watch or read more information on IRS Back Taxes. KATRINA MADEWELL: That's me!  Welcome to the show! DARRIN T. MISH: How are you doing today? KATRINA MADEWELL: Doing great, doing great. DARRIN...Read more »

Belize is Now Part of a U.S. Tax Evasion Probe

tax evasion probe U.S. authorities are now targeting Belize banks in an effort to crack down on Americans and companies suspected of hiding money in that country’s banks. Hiding income and assets isn’t a game that just anyone can play! It takes wealth and insider knowledge. A federal court in Miami is making headway in granting federal investigators the...Read more »

Some American Companies are Holding $2.1 Trillion in Offshore Accounts

No doubt $2.1 trillion dollars is almost impossible to comprehend. However, that’s the estimated amount that corporations have stashed in offshore tax havens. That amounts to an estimated $620 billion dollars in U.S. tax revenue that remains unaccounted for. While the study was conducted by so-called left leaning non-profits, numbers and stats generally don’t lie. It’s...Read more »

Former Arrow Trucking CEO Hopes for Light Sentence for Tax Evasion

When you’re in the captain’s chair, you’re responsible for everything that happens on your watch. Such is the case with respect to former Arrow Trucking Co. CEO James Pielsticker. His company fell and his defense is that the fall was not his fault. Under the circumstances, his attorney would like the judge to impose the lightest...Read more »