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Looking for information on specific IRS Forms? If you are, and you also have an IRS Problem, the information on this page will be of interest to you.

The toughest thing about dealing with an IRS problem is the fact they hardly ever go away on their own. Which is why it’s important you learn about the various IRS Forms you may receive in the mail.

The IRS Solution Attorney, Darrin T. Mish, created the info on this page for that reason. He is a tax attorney who has been helping solve IRS Problems for his clients since 1999. You can feel safe knowing what he shares is accurate.

You can reach Darrin’s office at 888-438-6474, to set up a time to chat with him about your situation. When you do, you will find him to be down to earth and a good listener. Both of which are essential qualities he leans on to help his clients.

IRS Tax Forms Explained

Wondering what IRS Forms you'll need in your bid to rid yourself of a wage garnishment, bank levy, unfiled taxes, tax payment plan or other IRS problem? If so, welcome to my site. Glad you found your way here, in fact. I know what it's like to have an IRS problem. I've had it happen to...Read more »

IRS Takes Data Retrieval Tool Offline

Due to the increased costs of going to college, many students today need to rely on student loans to finance part of their education costs. Unfortunately, the forms that a student needs to fill out to apply for student loans, or to refinance an existing loan, are very lengthy and time-consuming. To help with this, the...Read more »

Former IRS Employee Found Guilty for Not Paying Taxes

As reported by North Carolina CBS affiliate WFMY-TV News 2, a former employee of the Internal Revenue Service, Greensboro IRS Officer Henti Lucian Baird, was sentenced to a 43-month prison stint after it was learned that he purposely did not pay taxes to the IRS for a side consulting business over a period of 16...Read more »

My Top Ten Favorite Law School Bloggers In 2017

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What to Do if You Receive a Letter From the IRS

There are a number or reasons the IRS might send you a letter. While there’s no need to panic, you should take the letter seriously and respond as quickly as possible. Click here to read or watch more IRS Problem resources. You will likely get a letter from the IRS if you.... Have a balance due. You have a...Read more »

Getting a letter from the IRS in the summer

Getting a letter from the IRS in the summer What does getting a letter from the IRS in the summer mean? The IRS sends out millions of letters each year. You may think they don’t have the time to bother with your tax case. This is a mistake. The faster you respond, the better. It is...Read more »

IRS Phone Scam featured in Miami News Magazine

IRS Phone Scam Terrorizes South Florida What is now being called the largest tax fraud scam ever to occur in the United States is now found to be in our back yard? CBS Miami has reported that a group of unsavory individuals has been posing as IRS agents and running an IRS Phone Scam. Apparently the...Read more »

Tax Season 2017: Are Your Prepared

Darrin T. Mish Tampa Tax Attorney At our office we have seen it all before, someone rushing into H&R Block on April 14th with a pizza box full of receipts. What do they expect is going to happen? The IRS fairy is going to swing their magic wand and magically put your deductions in order? Or...Read more »

Google’s Top 9 Questions asked about Taxes [Infographic]

Tax issues can be shrouded in confusion and frustration. This is because most people do not understand them. This ranges from understanding the various forms of taxes to the reason people pay taxes in the first place. So you do not need to feel embarrassed about understanding taxes because you are not alone!  Click here...Read more »