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Dealing with an IRS Audit on your own without the help of a qualified tax attorney is no walk in the park. Your first move should be to educate yourself on what your rights are; you have more than you may suspect.

The nasty thing about an IRS Audit is they do not go away on their own and ignoring one is the worst thing you can do. The IRS hits anyone who ignores an audit with what they call a  “Notice of Deficiency.”

The information you find in this section will give you information on what your nest steps should be. Darrin T. Mish, aka the IRS Solution Attorney, posted it with the express desire it helps you in that area.

He has been in the trenches helping his clients since the turn of the Millenial and is available to help you too. Darrin can be reached by phoning (813) 229-7100, or toll-free at 888-438-6474.

Seven Secrets The IRS Does Not Want You To Know

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IRS Audit Process – What to Expect

The IRS Audit Process can start out in a variety of ways but usually, it starts out with a letter. A  letter saying "bring all your books and records down for review by the IRS." Few letters strike fear into the hearts of Americans as an IRS Audit. But with some advance information, you can...Read more »

10 First Steps to Solving Your IRS Problem

DARRIN T. MISH: That's me, the IRS Solution Attorney, Darrin T. Mish. KATRINA MADEWELL: You sounded like you had to think about that for a minute. DARRIN T. MISH: There are a lot of Darrin Mish's in the world, but I am Darrin T. Mish. KATRINA MADEWELL: What? DARRIN T. MISH: The IRS Solution Attorney. Click The Image Above (Or...Read more »

50 Tax Write-Offs You Don’t Know About

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Did Not File For A Tax Extension? What Should You Do?

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Global Ministries Foundation Under IRS Audit

The Global Ministries Foundation has been under the scrutiny of various governmental organizations for some time. Therefore, it should not be surprising that the organization is now under scrutiny by the IRS. It came to light recently that the IRS sent a letter of audit and Information Document Request to a group backing financing for properties....Read more »

Is That Really the IRS Knocking on your Door?

While there are legitimate circumstances for an Internal Revenue Service agent to visit the home of an individual, scammers are also using this ploy to gain entry to victims' homes, according to a recent report from the Golden State Newspaper. Learning how to distinguish a real IRS visit from a fake on can keep individuals and...Read more »

11 Red Flags that Could Trigger an IRS Audit

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Marketing Ideas For Small Accounting Firms — Part One

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What You Need To Know About Audit Reconsideration

DARRIN T. MISH:  Good morning, and welcome to the IRS Solution Attorney show. I am your host, THE IRS Solution Attorney Darrin T. Mish. KATRINA MADEWELL:  And I'm your co-host good morning and welcome to the show. We are glad to have you here with us today. DARRIN T. MISH:  You have a name, co-host? Click The Image...Read more »