When Is It Sensible For Me To Hire A Tax Lawyer?

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The U.S. tax system is a complex web that many individuals and entrepreneurs find hard to navigate. Unfortunately, some wait until it is too late to consult a tax relief attorney. In the many years of practice as a tax attorney in Tampa, I have worked with several distressed individuals and businesses owners. We always find a solution to their tax problems

So, when do you need to hire a tax relief attorney?

You Have A Tax Audit

Tax audits should be straightforward, but a simple mismatch can change the story. Usually, these audits are conducted by email, but an in-depth one will call for a face-to-face meeting with some scary IRS officials.

If the IRS has reasons to schedule a face-to-face meeting, then I would advise you to seek the services of an attorney right away. Why is that so? While it could be nothing to worry about, I bet you don’t know the tax code the way that guy from the IRS does.

You Have Tax Problems

It is easy to ignore insignificant tax penalties or back taxes, which unfortunately pile up quickly. Before you know what hit you, the IRS will be on your neck. Good news is that it is not all gloom. I have negotiated my fair share of tax debts over the years, and so I could secure a manageable payment plan that will not hurt your business.

Under Investigation For Tax Fraud

The IRS says that 17% of taxpayers fail to adhere to the set rules when filing their returns. Now, if yours is just a small emission when filing, you may correspond with the authorities to correct that. But, you still risk paying huge penalties (up to 75% of unpaid taxes) if found negligent. If you are accused of failing to report income, you will have no choice but to seek legal representation.

I have been on this long enough to know that every tax problem is solvable if you seek help early enough. Do not wait until the IRS comes knocking. Contact us today.

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