I live in Florida, are my IRS Problems different?

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If you live in Florida and you need IRS help, let one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff assist with your IRS problem. Each state has some slight differences in tax laws and regulations. Provisions are made for differing events and circumstances. In Florida, relief was made available for property owners who were devastated by tornadoes that struck the state on December 25, 2006 and on February 2, 2007Tornado relief is available to those Floridians who purchased a replacement mobile home and those whose homes were uninhabitable for 60 days or more due to the tornado devastation. Property appraisers will review all applications.

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Florida is a leader in tax administration and tax collection.This only serves to enhance the state’s relationship with the IRS. Florida has a General Tax Administration program that helps ensure collection of Florida taxes and distribution to the various projects they are designed to assist.

For example, Florida has a use tax. The use tax rate and the sales tax rate are both the same at 6 percent. If you purchase an item from the internet, a mail-order catalog, or from another state or country, Florida requires you to pay a use tax of 6 percent. You are responsible for making sure this tax percentage gets to the proper hands in the State of Florida. An Out-of-State Purchase Return, Form DR-15MO, must be completed and filed, unless the tax amount owed in less than one dollar.

All these intricacies of state and federal laws can lead to IRS problems. For IRS help to determine if all your taxes are paid that are owed, contact one of our professional staff to assist you.

The State of Florida does not make you pay taxes on personal income, inheritance, or gifts.However, Florida does have other taxes due in different counties or in other situations. Some residents of Florida may be required to pay a convention development tax, a communications tax, a fuel tax, a tourist tax, gross receipts tax, a new tire fee, or a lead-acid battery fee, just to name a few. You will want to make sure you are in compliance with all the tax assessments in your particular area. The State of Florida also imposes a rental car surcharge and a motor vehicle fee as it pertains to the Lemon Law.

The state tax in Florida and your federal tax responsibilities operate hand-in-hand. In order to ensure that your IRS problems don’t get out of control, contact our office to get IRS help for any tax situation you might encounter. Call us tollfree at (888) 438-6474.

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