IRS Taxpayer Advocate can help with IRS Problems

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Most people only think about the IRS in April. But if you have IRS Tax Problems, you likely think about the IRS a whole lot more. But there is a part of the IRS that really is there to help. It’s called the Office of the Taxpayer Advocate, an independent branch of the IRS that exists merely to assist taxpayers with hardships, including bureaucratic snafus.

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The Taxpayer Advocate really is the best kept secret of the IRS. The Service is open to both individual and business taxpayers. The Taxpayer Advocate’s representatives aren’t intended to be the first point of contact but rather their job is to assist taxpayers when other avenues have failed. Unfortunately, this is quite common.

Typically the Taxpayer Advocate deals with taxpayers who are experiencing hardships or financial burdens stemming from an IRS Tax Problem. Sometimes it’s best to use the Taxpayer Advocate if a taxpayer hasn’t received a response from the IRS within a reasonable amount of time. This amount of time is usually 30 days.

One of the best features of using the Taxpayer Advocate is that the taxpayer has one person assigned to the case for the duration of their assistance. This is quite different than calling a 1-800 number and talking to whoever picks up the phone. It is quite frustrating to have to continually explain the circumstances of the particular case over and over again.

If you would like to contact the Taxpayer Advocate go to and click on the Taxpayer Advocate link toward the bottom of the page. A word to the wise, the Taxpayer Advocate is not substitute for getting an IRS Problem Lawyer who is looking out for your best interests. An experienced IRS Tax Problem Attorney will often use the Taxpayer Advocate to help in a particular case because it is the most efficient way to get certain things done. IRS help is still best obtained from the services of a skilled Tax Problem lawyer so don’t be tempted into taking the easy way out and use the Taxpayer Advocate for solving the whole IRS Tax Problem.

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