IRS Phone Scam featured in Miami News Magazine

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IRS Phone Scam Terrorizes South Florida

What is now being called the largest tax fraud scam ever to occur in the United States is now found to be in our back yard? CBS Miami has reported that a group of unsavory individuals has been posing as IRS agents and running an IRS Phone Scam. Apparently the fraudsters are calling unsuspecting people and threatening them with arrests and other penalties if they do not make immediate payments. Of course, the payments were made through anonymous money wiring and nothing good came from them. At the Law Office of Darrin Mish, we are very familiar with the IRS and if you have been contacted and are not sure what you should contact us today to discuss you tax issues.

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IRS Phone ScamThe IRS Phone scam report went on to explain that these fraudulent calls were often aimed at the elderly and those who are in serious tax situations. At our law office, we help people every day who are going through serious tax positions to make sure that you will never have to worry about these situations. When you have an experienced Tampa Tax Attorney on your side, you will know when the IRS will be in contact with you and that you have someone on your side to assist you with your tax issues.

After reading this article we have compiled a list of common indicators of fraudulent calls so that if you receive one you will know whether to take it seriously or not. Mostly we encourage you not to have any conversations with anyone you think is not truly from the Internal Revenue Service that may be part of an IRS Phone Scam if they:

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Unfortunately, similar tax and IRS Phone scam calls are continuing to occur and will continue until everyone is aware of the danger involved. At the Law Office of Darrin T. Mish, our talented Tampa Tax Attorney and Tax Relief lawyer are ready to assist you at any time. If you are in tax debt and do not know how to escape, we will do our best to help you as soon as possible. If you would like to schedule a consultation we are available through the contact form on our website as well as by phone at 813-308-0330.

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