The IRS Is Getting Tougher on Tax Evaders

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If you have a tax evasion issue, let us help with your IRS problem.

The message from the IRS is that it is definitely NOT acceptable to cheat. The IRS has the goal of pursuing tax evaders: ordinary, everyday, American citizens and not just the high profile drug and glamour cases. The IRS is interested in YOU if you have tried to evade paying your income taxes. When only high-profile tax evasion cases make the news, it might seem that is what the IRS is focusing on. The IRS wants to change that image and assure the honest hard-working American citizens who do pay their taxes that they are working to make everyone honest.

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In past years, the IRS has tried different programs to reach tax evaders. In one instance, they offered limited immunity if you came forward within a certain time period. During that specified time, you would incur no criminal or fraud charges for admitting to tax evasion, although you would be required to pay the taxes you owe along with any penalties or fees assessed.

The IRS has enlisted the help of PAYPAL to follow-up on off-shore credit card payments to ensure that all taxes are being paid properly. State tax administrators are also vowing to communicate better with officials at the IRS to more efficiently resolve IRS problems. If you are in a situation and need IRS help, contact our office.

In the past, budget crunches have taken away some resources the IRS had maintained to pursue tax evasion cases. Today, however, the IRS has re-doubled its efforts and reinforced its goals of fighting low-income tax fraud, as well as corporate tax shelters and offshore tax fraud and abuse. The IRS Oversight Board has recommended a budget increase to contend with uncollected cases.

The General Accounting Office (GAO) estimates over $280 billion in taxes remain uncollected, and that number will grow. With that substantial amount being owed the government, it is a sure bet they will focus more closely on every single case that comes across their desk.

It was recently discovered that U.S. federal offices owe an estimated $45 million in withholding taxes for their employees. This is not the example the IRS wishes to be set for government agencies. It was determined that state and local governments owe $254 million in employment taxes. The totals from the government offices that are delinquent pale in comparison to the $6 billion owed by private businesses, but, still, the IRS says this negligent way of paying money is inexcusable.

Whether you are a business or an individual, if you have IRS problems, let us help you. We are available to help you resolve your IRS problems so that a satisfactory outcome may be attained.

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