Is Your IRS Debt Keeping You Awake at Night?

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In all my years of representing taxpayers that have IRS problems one constant is that every situation is unique. No matter how similar the problems may be, the taxpayers’ unique circumstances add a dynamic nature to what I do that keeps my job interesting, challenging and rewarding each day. Another constant that I have discovered over the years is that a problem with the IRS will not solve itself. An IRS debt not only takes a toll on its victims financially, but physically and emotionally as well. It’s a debt that will keep you awake at night. I’ve seen truly innocent people (those that didn’t owe what the IRS claimed) consumed with the frustration of dealing with a government bureaucracy that seemingly could care less about their plight.

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Don’t despair! There is hope! The solution to your IRS problem can start today. Your IRS debt is continuing to accrue penalties and interest,  but you can stop this. I’ve helped thousands of other clients end their IRS problems for good. I’ve seen the smile on their faces as the freedom from this pressure and stress has allowed them to get their lives back on track. As long as you understand the solution to your problem will require a commitment from you to see things through to the end by taking my reasonable advice and being patient, I can assure you there will be light at the end of the tunnel. No matter the strain, it’s worth it, I promise.

My clients weren’t always happy, smiling and stress free. Most of them lost sleep at night. Just know that no matter how very different your IRS problem is, your journey out of the frustrating and complex IRS maze begins at the same place theirs did – with a profound understanding of the reality that IRS problems do not solve themselves – and – a decision to get professional help. An IRS problem is one of those “special” problems in life that if ignored or left unaddressed will grow until it swallows you whole; constricting more and more of your life, liberty and ability to pursue happiness. This is the type of problem (like a deadly disease) that if left alone will eventually force your hand and bring you face to face with the consequences of that procrastination.

Frequently my clients express regret at not dealing with their IRS problem in a more timely manner. The added penalties and interest that resulted from waiting cost them a year, or two, or more of family vacations; postponed a dream of early retirement; or required securing a second job costing them time with their children, spouses and loved ones – time that is lost forever. Only you know for sure how many nights you’ve lay awake worrying about what the IRS might do next. It doesn’t matter if it’s an unpleasant letter from the IRS, an embarrassing phone call at work, the garnishing of your paycheck, the seizure of your bank account, or that heart stopping knock on your door with an IRS agent standing outside – not only can your worries be stopped, they can be prevented. Don’t just read my blog, call for a free consultation about your unique circumstances today. You can give us a call tollfree at (888) 438-6474.

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