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When Sending an Email Gets You in Trouble

Crus Salas had worked with the IRS for the last 30 years. During last year’s presidential campaign, Salas like many other Americans, had her own thinking about each Presidential candidate. And she made known her views, too. But she did so in the wrong way. In the heat of the 2008 Presidential elections, Salas sent out an anti-Obama email expressing her views and falsely calling Obama a Muslim. The email was sent from her work place and went out to six recipients. What Salas did not know, however was that all her emails were audited.

As a result, last March the Office of Special Counsel lodged an official complaint against her citing her email that contravened the Hatch Act that prohibits government employees from engaging in political activities at work.

Sadly, miss Salas was fired from her job at the IRS. She refuses to discuss her email.

Welcome Reprieve for Kentucky Flood Victims

On August 4th this year, flash floods devastated many parts of the State of Kentucky affecting the lives of scores of residents. This prompted President Obama to declare Kentucky a federal disaster area. In tandem with the President’s declaration, the IRS has responded by extending the deadline for filing and paying taxes for affected taxpayers who live or have business in Kentucky. The extension is until October 5th and covers various time-sensitive acts such as filing of tax returns, tax payment and others.

The IRS will also waive the failure to deposit penalties for employment due between and including August 4th and August 19th. This applies as long as the deposits were made by August 19th. The IRS released a statement that advises those who are eligible for this reprieve and those who have received penalty notices to contact the IRS to have their penalties and interest charges removed.

QinetiQ Gets It

The IRS Office of Chief Counsel receives its IT support from a company called QinetiQ. This IT company has been doing a good job and in return, the Department of the Treasury has renewed its contract by awarding QinetiQ’s North American subsidiary, Apogen Technologies a $7 million task order under the Department’s Total Information Processing Support Services (TIPSS-3). Under this task order, QinetiQ North America will continue to provide IT support to the IRS’ 2,500 attorneys and support staff in the form of network and systems operations, customer support and help desk services, asset management and intranet design.

Congratulations, QinetiQ!

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