Help with IRS Tax Problems – Learn Your Rights as a Taxpayer

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Looking for help with IRS tax problems? If so you should find this post extremely helpful.

The IRS is Harassing Me Over Years of Unfiled Taxes and Owed Back Taxes

When you have a few years of unfiled taxes or owe back taxes, it can be frightening to contact the IRS to start fixing the IRS problem. The sooner you can contact them with your taxes prepared and filed, as well as a repayment plan, the sooner you can get on the right track.  Click here to watch or read more information on IRS Back Taxes.

Help with IRS Tax Problems - 10 Scary IRS ProblemsThe IRS Has Garnished My Wages

The IRS must notify you when they plan on issuing a wage garnishment through your employer. Once the government has contacted your employer, the garnishment isn’t lifted until the debt has been paid. This could take years with interest and penalties unless you come up with a repayment plan.

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The Government Wants the Money in My Bank Account

The IRS can demand that your bank turns over any money up to the amount that you owe for back taxes, fees, and penalties. The bank has 21 days to turn over your money. In that time, you can contact the IRS to make a repayment plan if possible.

I Keep Getting These Collection Notices

Don’t ignore notices from the IRS. They will send notices frequently, but with each notice, the penalties become more severe if you ignore them. A Tampa Tax Attorney can help you deal with the IRS to get your account back on track.

An IRS Agent Came to Me

It’s the agent’s job to work on behalf of the government. You should have someone on your side to help with settlement options and negotiations.

The IRS is Threatening to Take My House

The IRS has the power to put a lien on your property if you have unpaid taxes. You won’t be able to sell or refinance your home. You might be able to make an offer of repayment with the IRS to remove the lien. When it comes to IRS problems, this one is one of the bigger ones people with back taxes are fearful of.

I’m Scared to Contact the IRS

This is the time to contact a professional to help. IRS problems usually get worse when they are ignored.  A tax attorney can give you good advice on how to proceed.

The IRS is Unreasonable

Often, the IRS will reject offers you make for repayment. They could demand the money they are owed immediately. It can be harsh, and you’ll need to contact a professional to work out a deal for you.

My Spouse is to Blame

There are IRS codes that can protect one spouse against the other’s tax debt. There are five kinds of relief available to the spouse. A tax professional can decide which code applies to you.

Penalties and Fees Keep Accumulating

Fees and penalties can make up the bulk of tax debt, but you can get those eliminated or reduced with the right requests for relief.

It’s My Business’ Tax Issues

With employees, you’re responsible for payroll and employment taxes. The IRS considers this a high priority, and it could be considered theft to not pay these taxes.

When looking for help with IRS tax problems, you should contact a tax attorney who can advise you on the best way to start fixing your delinquencies and tax problems. Feel free to check out my IRS Blog while you’re here, it’s full of great information I’m sure you will find useful.

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