Fancy That!

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Two men who pretended to be IRS agents gained entry into an unoccupied house, took some of its contents and told neighbors to help themselves to whatever they wanted inside the house. Giving the impression that the house owner, Gene Medlin owed tax money to the IRS, they said that the house and its contents were being seized and gave permission to the neighbors to take any items they wanted.

The two imposters came last Sunday afternoon to the vacant home of Gene Medlin. They entered the house under the pretext of the story they gave to the neighbors and took a weed trimmer, jewelry, a chainsaw and a utility trailer from the property. Then they told the neighbors they were free to take all the furniture and other things they wanted from the house, which some did.

Although some of the neighbors suspected something amiss, none took any action for several hours until one of them finally called their neighbor and owner of the home, Gene. By that time, the crooks had left with their takings in a red Dodge Durango. Police were called to the East Front Street home in Statesville on Sunday night.

Upon questioning by the police, the neighbors gave the descriptions of the two suspects. One was about 5 feet 10 inches in height, had short black hair and covered with tattoos. There was one particular tattoo on his neck that said ‘Stacy’ (a dead giveaway). The other man was slightly taller at about 6 feet 1 inch and could be described as slender in build.

Statesville Police Department chief Tom Anderson said that the neighbors returned the properties they took but the two bogus IRS agents were yet to be detected and apprehended.

The police said that all government agency agents such as those of the IRS, would carry identification badges, be clean-shaven, well-dressed and most likely would not be covered in tattoos. If you are in doubt over anyone, call the police.

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