David versus Goliath

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Recently, a newly formed pro-life group called the Coalition for Life in Iowa challenged the IRS in a case over certain ‘prejudicial’ questions the IRS posed to the fledgling group.

Here’s what happened. After they formed the group, the Coalition for Life Iowa naturally applied for tax-exemption status as they were a non-profit organization. In the course of its application, the group received a peculiar enquiry from the IRS, according to Tom Brejcha of the Thomas More Society in Chicago. The enquiry had to do with the Planned Parenthood facility situated nearby. It is obvious that both the groups stood for different ideals; the Coalition for Life endorsed the right of every human being to live including that of a fetus in the womb while Planned Parenthood made no secret about promoting various methods to limit the number of children in a family, including abortion.

At the same time, there were plans by certain people to hold vigils and prayers in protest outside the facilities of Planned Parenthood. The IRS became gravely concerned as to whether any members of Coalition for Life were participating in these vigils and prayers. The agency subsequently wrote an official letter requesting details about the content of the prayers, among other enquiries and wanted the Coalition’s assurance that none of its members would be part of the vigil and protests at Planned Parenthood. The IRS also insisted that the Coalition would have no contact with clients of Planned Parenthood. What was even more incredulous was that the IRS wanted each member of the board of directors to sign a commitment under oath that Coalition members would not join in the protest at Planned Parenthood neither would they organize others to do so.

These audacious demands prompted the Coalition to engage the Thomas More Society. Brejcha says that the IRS was clearly violating the First Amendment rights of the Coalition of Life and the Society promptly wrote a letter to the IRS on behalf of the Coalition to express their protest against the actions of the IRS.

Within the same week, the IRS called the Coalition to say that their tax exemption status would be granted. Shortly after, the official approval was given.

That’s one up for all the little ‘Davids’ out there who dare to stand up against the ‘Goliaths’!

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