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Navigating through tax codes can be a challenging endeavor. Many individuals and businesses want to protect themselves from unexpected expenses and look for ways to earn a few extra tax credits. Our IRS blog is dedicating to providing real answers to difficult questions.

IRS News And Analysis

Many of our readers have an intellectual curiosity and tax regulations and the current activities of the IRS. Our IRS blog strives to provide an outlet for this. For example, one of our authors reported a study suggesting that the IRS is slowing down the economy. In particular, critics have alleged that they have been late in refunding tax returns, which mostly harms middle-class Americans.

Helping Readers Avoid Scams

Information is the most efficient antidote to scams. The IRS reported that some con artists are posing as IRS agents, pretending to collect a debt. By keeping our readers up-to-date about these practices, they will be more likely to protect themselves should they have an encounter with a scammer.

Our Tax Blog Topics

Interested readers will find a broad range of subjects across our blog. They range from news to the impact of the marijuana industry, to cases of employee malfeasance.

We also share transcripts of our podcast the IRS Solution Attorney show. In the linked transcript, we discussed some of the ways that an IRS employee could be fired or even jailed.

Beyond these issues, we address some of the practical problems that the IRS faces. Taxpayers sometimes have a two hour wait time when they call the IRS, enduring the automatic hangup feature to help the IRS save money. Similarly, we often assess some of the ways that the federal government misuses our tax money, even in the function of the IRS.

Our Tax Advice Blogs

Most of our readers are particularly interested in our insight into their taxes. Since the US tax code is complicated, there are a lot of careful nuances that the average user can overlook. Many tax programs typically do not provide guidance through the nuances that we survey, so this information is pretty critical for many of our readers.

What Could Impact You?

As informed readers, our audience knows that the US tax code is not some general treatise that has no practical bearing. It intrudes in their daily lives. We want to keep you informed about how the ever-changing regulations will affect your livelihood. In this podcast transcript, for example, we examined President Trump’s recent tax proposal and spelled out some of the practical implications.

Who Is Providing This Information?

Readers come to our blog because they know that our authors are credentialed, experienced, and therefore provide useful information about this complex topic.

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