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Every IRS Problem Has a Solution

If you have an IRS problem, you hit the right site, and I’m glad you did. On this page, you will find several posts filled with answers to several of the most common IRS problems. It has taken me over a decade to get this information in front of you like it is right now.

Since every IRS problem has a solution, I felt it was important to put this resource page together for you in the hopes it will lead you closer to finding the solution that you need. Whether you’re facing a wage garnishment, bank levy, property seizure, revoked passport, stiff penalties, late fees, audit, or a federal lien, reading through what I share on this page will give you a good idea how to begin tackling your current predicament.

Hi, my name is Darrin T. Mish; I am a Tax Attorney who has been helping solve IRS problems for my clients for over at years now. In that time I have helped over 2000 clients solve their IRS problem.

What I think makes me different from most other tax attorneys is the fact I know what it feels like to have an IRS problem of my own. It happened to me twice in my career and is something I’m not at all proud of, but I’m glad it happened nonetheless.

If You have an IRS Problem, I’m the Guy You Want to Call

The experiences I went through solving my IRS problems hammered me out into a MUCH more capable Tax Lawyer. Experience and empathy are now my secret weapons to finding solutions to IRS problems for my clients.

The fact of the matter is that solutions exist to your IRS problem and learning what your rights are, and what options you have in front of you at the moment to deal with it should be your next step.

If you would like to schedule a time to stop by my office or speak with me over the telephone, you can reach my office at (813) 229-7100. Don’t forget to check out my IRS blog and IRS News stories while you’re here too!

Seven Secrets The IRS Does Not Want You To Know

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IRS Audit Process – What to Expect

The IRS Audit Process can start out in a variety of ways but usually, it starts out with a letter. A  letter saying "bring all your books and records down for review by the IRS." Few letters strike fear into the hearts of Americans as an IRS Audit. But with some advance information, you can...Read more »

Unfiled Tax Return Help – What Are Your Next Steps?

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Tax Lien Questions

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What is an IRS Levy?

What is an IRS Levy? There are actually two different kinds of IRS levies. The first is a wage levy or an IRS Wage Garnishment. The second type of levy is a bank levy.  A bank levy is when the IRS seizes what’s actually in your bank account at the time they served the levy. Now, Levy just means seizure,...Read more »

IRS Wage Garnishment Help – Facts You Need to Know

What do you do when you need IRS Wage Garnishment help because of your IRS Back Taxes? Do you need answers on how to stop IRS Wage Garnishment proceedings? An IRS wage garnishment is also called a wage levy. A wage levy is different than a bank levy in that it's continuous. When you get that notice, the first...Read more »

Income Tax Trouble – What’s Your Next Move?

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IRS Tax Problems Can Linger Longer Than You Think

As a tax attorney, I see people with IRS tax problems that have lasted for years. Yet they only get serious when tax time rolls around. It most likely is the case because during tax season you hear everyone talking about it. Click here to read or watch more IRS Problem resources. This places focus on the subject...Read more »