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Report Claims IRS Delays is Slowing Down the Economy

The ITS is the taxing body for the federal government and regarded as a stickler for the rules, particularly when it comes to the filing of late returns. While the IRS can penalize people for being late, they are currently under scrutiny for being late in processing tax returns. According to the report, this event...Read more »

IRS Takes Data Retrieval Tool Offline

Due to the increased costs of going to college, many students today need to rely on student loans to finance part of their education costs. Unfortunately, the forms that a student needs to fill out to apply for student loans, or to refinance an existing loan, are very lengthy and time-consuming. To help with this, the...Read more »

Global Ministries Foundation Under IRS Audit

The Global Ministries Foundation has been under the scrutiny of various governmental organizations for some time. Therefore, it should not be surprising that the organization is now under scrutiny by the IRS. It came to light recently that the IRS sent a letter of audit and Information Document Request to a group backing financing for properties....Read more »

Yet Another Consumer Scam Threatens North Americans

The Better Business Bureau ("the BBB") recently alerted the public to yet another consumer scam. This time, con artists posing as IRS-authorized debt collectors have called people across the United States and Canada using robocalls. The abusive recorded messages threaten that arrests warrants will issue unless a taxpayer pays outstanding debts due to the Internal...Read more »

IRS Expects Millions From Marijuana Sales in Cash

An Internal Revenue Service code, Code 280E, that's typically reserved for making drug traffickers pay taxes on their earnings also requires that they receive IRS penalties. The IRS doesn't allow them to deduct business expenses when they file taxes. In addition to other codes, Code 280E makes it impossible for them to file any credits...Read more »

Former IRS Employee Found Guilty for Not Paying Taxes

As reported by North Carolina CBS affiliate WFMY-TV News 2, a former employee of the Internal Revenue Service, Greensboro IRS Officer Henti Lucian Baird, was sentenced to a 43-month prison stint after it was learned that he purposely did not pay taxes to the IRS for a side consulting business over a period of 16...Read more »

Dallas Attorney Beats the IRS in Court

According to a report by Law360, Dallas lawyer William R. Canada Jr. received good news on Monday, May 8, 2017. After fighting the Internal Revenue Service since April 2015, Canada was informed in a Texas federal court, Case Number 3:16-CV-02000, that he did not owe the IRS $40 million in penalties that it claimed was...Read more »

Is That Really the IRS Knocking on your Door?

While there are legitimate circumstances for an Internal Revenue Service agent to visit the home of an individual, scammers are also using this ploy to gain entry to victims' homes, according to a recent report from the Golden State Newspaper. Learning how to distinguish a real IRS visit from a fake on can keep individuals and...Read more »

Anger Over IRS Tax Return Anti-Fraud Program Delays

According to a recent story by Adam Shaw for Fox News, the government watchdog known as Citizens Against Government Waste has confronted the government about continued delays with the rollout of a tax return anti-fraud program designed to replace the Electronic Fraud Detection System that has been around since the early 90's because the EFDS...Read more »

My Top Ten Favorite Law School Bloggers In 2017

It's been said that not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers. That's a point view I can't disagree with. I'm a voracious reader and wanted to create a post that honors my favorite 11 law school bloggers. So I went ahead did that. My Favorite Law School Bloggers Note: This list is compiled in no particular order...Read more »