10 Illegal Immigrants Guilty of IRS Fraud

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Ten illegal immigrants operating two tax preparation services that defrauded the IRS of about $13 million between 2006 and 2009 have pleaded guilty to all charges of mail fraud and illegal entry into the US.   The ten individuals each played various roles in the two organizations, Seguros Internacionales in Spartanburg and Forest City and Poz Servicios Para Hispanos in Boiling Springs, which have since been closed down.

Between the years in question, the ten defendants said they made about 10,000 filings of income tax returns that sought more than $22 million in refunds.  About $13 million were successfully claimed and paid before investigators found out that most of the returns were fraudulent.  The IRS thinks about 20 people participated in the scheme.

Nine of the ten defendants were runners who did the leg work of getting people to have their tax returns prepared fraudulently, cashed their refund checks etc.  Eight of the defendants are from Mexico, namely Edgar Carrillo-Borjas, Miguel Angel Carrillo-Borjas, David Hernandez-Juarez, Ariana Canseco-Orozco, Maribel Juan-Orozco, Cristina Sanchez-Perez, Juan Carlos Carrillo-Roy and Carlos Carrillo-Rodriguez.  One other individual from Costa Rica is Luis Gerardo Mora-Vargas.  The final defendant, Omar Maldonado-Cardenas, also from Mexico had a more active role in Seguros Internacionales for two years.

Two other individuals, Juan Manuel Galban Ortega and Rodolfo Magana Escoto, also from Mexico were charged with obstruction of justice for their crime of destroying evidence in the form of documents and records in Seguros Internacionales in November 2009.  Both pleaded guilty.

All twelve immigrants face a prison term of between 5 and 20 years and will be deported after they have served their jail term.

US District Judge G. Ross Anderson Jr. accepted their pleas and will sentence all the defendants at a later date.

In the meantime, federal agents arrested more people in connection with the scheme last Thursday and Friday.  Yolanda Poz of Boiling Springs, Lisa Mendoza of Spartanburg, Teresa Bravo of Pacolet and Ashley Moore of Forest City were all arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit mail fraud.

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