Reasons to Hire Us


Top Ten Reasons Why You Would Want to Hire Us Instead of Them

(Them is your local guy or the really big guys)


1. Mr. Mish oversees everything that goes on with your case himself.

2. We will not promise you that we can do something until we analyze your situation and come up with personalized resolutions that are custom to your particular situation.

3. We have an office in Tampa and have been at this location for years. If you need us, you know where we are!

4. We care about what happens to you and think of your successes in resolving these matters as our success.

5. We have worked hard to have a positive and successful relationship with the local IRS agents.

6. We are willing to go beyond the “formulas” of IRS negotiations to find real solutions that work for you.

7. At times we can advise you how to better position yourself financially in order to qualify for programs offered by the IRS.

8. After you matters are resolved with the IRS we have a program available to continually monitor your situation to warn you if another IRS problem could occur.

9. Our goal is not only to solve the immediate problem at hand but to help you move forward not worrying about all the loose ends that were not tied up.

10. You will be treated with respect and care from the first phone call to the last day of representation because we value your trust in our services.

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