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IRS Letter 1058 - Final Notice of Intent to Levy

The IRS Ltr 1058 (Final Notice of Intent to Levy) is issued to a taxpayer before any levy, garnishment or seizure of a taxpayer's bank accounts or wages may occur. There is a right to appeal this action called a Collection Due Process hearing. A taxpayer must file a Request for a Collection Due Process hearing within 30 days of the date on the Final Notice of Intent to Levy.

How to obtain an IRS Wage Levy Release

although this video is not new; there is great information in it. It's all still current today. In the past, this video has retailed for up to $79. I've uploaded it here as a service to the community. I hope it helps!

Preventing an IRS Levy

There are ways to prevent an IRS Levy. They're not necessarily obvious but they are avoidable. Don't wait until an IRS levy happens, avoid it by taking the proper steps.

What Do I Do If I Get an IRS Wage Levy Garnishment?

If you just got notice of an IRS wage levy or garnishment than you need to watch this video. Veteran Tax Attorney Darrin Mish explains what to do if you get an IRS wage levy and how to get it released.

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