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Tampa Tax Attorney, Darrin T. Mish teaches his new “competition” his years of IRS Problem Resolution Secrets

Darrin Mish: Hi, Darrin Mish here, today I’m coming from sunny Denver, Colorado. Why am I in Denver? I’m here as the main speaker for a two day seminar; teaching attorneys, enrolled agents, and CPAs the finer aspects of IRS…

Hardship Statuts aka “Currently Not Collectible”

Darrin Mish: Hardship status, also known as ‘Currently Not Collectible’. The hardship status is not exactly a solution to an IRS problem, in and of itself. But it can be very helpful, and it can be a solution in certain…

IRS Penalty Abatement

Darrin Mish: IRS penalty abatement. What is it, and how do you get it? Well, IRS penalty abatement is something that needs to be looked at in just about every case, in every IRS problem resolution case, unless, of course,…

As Seen On ABC – Marriage Protection Amendment

Case Study 1

CP 504

CP 2000

IRS Audit Process


Hello Mr. Mish – I have read several of your blogs and articles regarding non-filers. I am a financial education teacher for men and women in transitional housing. Due to the nature of their background, most of the participants in…

Obama wins – How will that impact your IRS Problems

Darrin Mish: Barak Obama has been elected president of the United States. He won’t actually take office until January of 2009. I wanted to make this video to talk to you about some of the changes that might occur early…

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