Can the IRS seize your property?

Yes, the IRS can seize your property, but, certain guidelines and restrictions are more stringent today than when first implemented. It used to be quite a common practice for the IRS to seize your property and sell it, without so much as a court ord...Read more

Tax Appeals, How Do They Work?

When you have tax disputes, one option you have to help solve this IRS Problem is to use your right to appeal a decision.Using IRS Appeals is a way to settle tax disputes without going to Tax Court. It is much more informal than an actual trial. App...Read more

Will Filing a Form 433-F Help You?

An IRS Form 433-F is a short form filing instrument for a Collection Information Statement. Form 433-F used to be only for instances where small dollar amounts were involved, but today it receives more wide-spread usage. The IRS Automated Collection...Read more

IRS & Private Debt Collection Agencies

Your IRS Problems continue to grow if you have a tax debt. The IRS has a program where they assign back tax cases to private collection agencies. A select segment of taxpayers who owe back taxes will be contacted by a private collection agency. Coll...Read more

Can You Stop an IRS Audit?

It is all but impossible to stop an IRS audit once it has begun. The best advice for this IRS problem is to get IRS help . . . immediately. You need a tax professional to protect your rights and assure the most beneficial outcome possible in this si...Read more