Requesting a Release of Federal Tax Lien

If you have suffered the IRS Problem of a tax lien, you are ready to do whatever you need to do to be rid of it. Your lien amount is a matter of public record until your lien is paid-in-full. You will want to get this information removed from public...Read more

Claims for Refund

If you believe that you have over paid your taxes, you have a different kind of IRS Problem.  It is possible to get money back from the IRS if you follow the correct procedure and have patience. Timeframe Claims for refund need to be filed within 3...Read more

The IRS Is Getting Tougher on Tax Evaders

If you have a tax evasion issue, let us help with your IRS problem. The message from the IRS is that it is definitely NOT acceptable to cheat. The IRS has the goal of pursuing tax evaders: ordinary, everyday, American citizens and not just the high ...Read more