Are You a Taxpayer with Unfiled Tax Returns?

Laws for Non-filers Not filing your tax returns for a year or more, will undoubtedly alert the IRS and you will be classified as a non-filer.  If you have acquired this status, you have IRS Problems.   Whether you have not filed because you procr...Read more

IRS Seizures and their Consequences

The threat of asset seizures by the IRS is usually enough to get most taxpayers to pay their back taxes.  If your IRS Problems are severe enough for you to be worried about the seizure of your assets to pay off your tax debt, then it is time to see...Read more

IRS Debt Collection

Your IRS Problems continue to grow if you have a tax debt.  The IRS has a program where they assign back tax cases to private collection agencies.  A select segment of taxpayers who owe back taxes will be contacted by a private collection agency. ...Read more

IRS Paycheck Levys

If you have in hand the dreaded IRS Notice of Intent to Levy Wages notice, you need help to resolve your IRS Problems.  You will need to take action soon or you will not have control of your money.  This stressful financial and emotional situation...Read more

I Forgot to File my Tax Return

It is estimated that each year over ten million people do not file their income taxes. The reasons for not filing vary from procrastination, not understanding the process, not having the funds to pay their taxes, or deliberately not filing. If you a...Read more