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njured Spouse Relief Form 8379

In this video Tax Attorney Darrin Mish answers a specific question about Injured Spouse Relief and IRS Form 8379 - the answer is applicable to many people who are married and file joint income tax returns but one spouse either owes the IRS money or child support obligations.

IRS Form Letter CP49

Waiting on a tax refund that never appeared? Have you received an IRS Form Letter CP49? Learn what the letter CP49 means straight from the mouth of a veteran tax attorney.

IRS Form Letter CP21a

Have you received an IRS Form Letter CP21a? What does it mean? What do you do if you get one. Find the answers straight from the mouth of a veteran tax attorney.

IRS Form CP523

An IRS form CP523 is the form used to inform a taxpayer that the Internal Revenue Service intends to terminate the taxpayer's installment agreement. There can be many reasons for this default but the primary reasons are late payments, no payment or owing an additional liability for another tax year not included or contemplated in the original installment agreement.

IRS Form CP504b

The IRS Form CP504b is a form used by the Collection Division of the Internal Revenue Service. A taxpayer gets this form in the mail when they have a balance due and after repeated demands have not paid the balance in full.

IRS Form CP49

An IRS form CP49 is a letter that a taxpayer receives from the IRS that indicates that a refund that the taxpayer may have been entitled to has been applied to a different liability.

IRS Form CP21

The IRS CP21a is an IRS collection form used to inform a taxpayer that there is still a balance due despite a recent adjustment to the account.



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