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FAQ Videos: Get IRS Help

FAQ Videos: What's the difference between an IRS Revenue Officer & an IRS Revenue Agent

FAQ Videos: The most commonly misused term by taxpayers with collection cases is IRS Revenue Agent. Everyone thinks that an IRS agent is making their lives miserable. While this may be true, IRS Revenue Officers usually are the culprits.

FAQ Videos: What's the difference between an IRS Settlement Officer and an IRS Appeals Officer?

Probably just about everyone (including tax pros that should know the difference) get IRS Settlement Officers and IRS Appeals Officers confused. There is a difference and it's a pretty important difference.

FAQ Videos: What is the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty?

When an employer doesn't pay their payroll taxes, the IRS will often impose the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty which isn't actually an penalty at all. Find out more about the TFRP and what it means to you as an employer who is behind on their payroll taxes.

FAQ Videos: What Do You Do When the IRS Files a Tax Return For You?

When the IRS prepares a tax return for a taxpayer they aren't doing them a favor. They are preparing what is known as a Substitute for Return (SFR) and it's never correct nor is it fair. How do you combat an SFR?

FAQ Videos: What Do You Do When You Have Unfiled IRS Tax Returns?

if you have unfiled IRS tax returns and you are uncertain how many years back you need to file, this video has the answers. Learn more about unfiled tax returns and whether or not the IRS wants you to go back 10, 20 or even 30 years to file your missing tax returns.

FAQ Videos: What Do I Do If I Owe the IRS?

If you owe the IRS money, it can be a scary place. Where do you start? What are your options? What should you do? More importantly...what should you not do? Learn about your options from veteran tax attorney Darrin T. Mish

FAQ Videos: What Do I Do If I Get an IRS Wage Levy Garnishment?

If you just got notice of an IRS wage levy or garnishment than you need to watch this video. Veteran Tax Attorney Darrin Mish explains what to do if you get an IRS wage levy and how to get it released.



FAQ Videos: Do You Have Unfiled Tax Returns with the IRS?

If you have unfiled IRS tax returns, I know the feeling. It just nags at you until you do something about it. What are you supposed to do about it? Hear more from tax attorney Darrin T. Mish about dealing with unfiled IRS tax returns.

FAQ Videos: Is It Possible to Settle for Less with the IRS?

You've probably heard a lot about settling for less with the IRS? What's the real deal? How does it work? Will you qualify? Hear the straight scoop from veteran tax attorney Darrin T. Mish

FAQ Videos: How to Set Up a Payment Plan with the IRS

You owe money to the IRS? How do you set up a payment plan with them that you can afford? Is an IRS Installment Agreement the right choice for your situation? Learn more about IRS Payment Plans in this video by veteran tax attorney Darrin T. Mish

FAQ Videos: How Can Bankruptcy Settle IRS Tax Debt?

Can bankruptcy settle IRS tax debt? Conventional wisdom is that taxes don't go away in bankruptcy? Is conventional wisdom wrong? It usually is....Tax debt can most certainly be discharged in bankruptcy but do YOU qualify? What are the rules?

FAQ Videos: Ive heard the IRS sometimes make deals, is that true?

Does the IRS really make deals for pennies on the dollar? Straight talk from a veteran tax attorney who explains the real truth about the IRS Offer in Compromise program.

FAQ Videos: My spouse ran up a huge tax bill, do I have to pay it?

A huge tax bill is almost always hard to deal with but when it's your ex's tax bill that's even worse. What to do if your former spouse ran up a large tax bill through IRS Innocent Spouse.

FAQ Videos: Do I have to pay off IRS debt for the rest of my life?

If you owe the IRS it feels like a lifetime sentence; it feels like it will never go away; after all they say, IRS Problems don't solve themselves...or do they? Find out how sometimes tax problems might just solve themselves.

FAQ Videos: Ive heard the IRS sometimes make deals, is that true?

Owing the IRS large amounts is no ones idea of a good time. If you owe the IRS but you cant afford to pay, there may be an answer. Learn about IRS Currently Not Collectible aka IRS Hardship status.

FAQ Videos: I haven't paid payroll taxes in awhile what do I do?

IRS Payroll Tax problems get out of hand quickly. An experienced Tax Attorney discusses what to do in such a situation to ensure that your business survives the IRS payroll tax onslaught.

FAQ Videos: Is there anyway to negotiate with the IRS?

If you owe the IRS, you might be wondering how to negotiate with them. Tax Attorney Darrin T. Mish shares insider secrets about settling IRS tax debts for pennies on the dollar.

FAQ Videos: Do IRS Problems go on forever?

If you have an IRS Tax Debt Problem, you might think it will never end. But there is light at the end of the tunnel. The IRS has a secret that they don't want you to find out. IRS tax debt has a time limit on it.

FAQ Videos: What's Innocent Spouse Relief - Will it help with my Irs Problem?

When a former spouse has run up a large IRS Tax Debt, Innocent Spouse Relief might be the answer to your prayers. Learn how & when to file with the IRS for Innocent Spouse.

FAQ Videos: How to Get Rid of IRS Penalties - IRS Penalty Abatement

Tax Attorney Darrin T. Mish explains how to get rid of IRS Penalties. The process is called IRS Penalty Abatement and sometimes it's easier than you think!

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