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IRS Solutions Attorney Show 9/10/2015

Today’s Show Topic: Tax Related Identity Theft Click The Image Above (Or Here) To Download Episode Transcript From Today’s Show This is the TamTalk Radio Network. The opinions, thoughts, and observations on the IRS Solution Attorney radio show are not legal advice.  Facts and circumstances differ in every case.  Do not take anything said on the… Read more »

The Difference Between a Lien and a Levy

Episode Transcription DARRIN T. MISH: Hello, hello, hello, this is IRS solution attorney Darrin T. Mish here today with my lovely and talented cohost, Katrina Madewell. How are you doing today, Katrina? KATRINA MADEWELL: That’s me, doing great. How are you, Darrin? DARRIN T. MISH: I’m so fired up to be live today and to… Read more »